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Advance Responsive Web Designing Training(HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap & Responsive Layouts)

Responsive web design is for providing optimal viewing experience of a website in various devices such as desktop, smart phone, tablets, making the websites easy to read, navigate without much of resizing or scrolling.Our curriculum provides hands on experience to the students from which they can learn the ropes of the industry.
GN Infotech provides the best Responsive web design Training in Khanna with above mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of Advance Responsive Web Designing Training the participant will exhibit the following

Using HTML5 Tags for more attractive web design
Using CSS3- Apply different resolution for different screen size
Using JavaScript - Library functioon/Events/DOM
Using jQuery - use DOM elements, jQuery utilities/events
Using Bootstrap Library for responsive layouts structure

Why Responsive Web Designing Training at GN Infotech ?

Industry Compliant Syllabus
Multi-Platform Demonstration
Product Based Training
Real-Time Case Studies
Use of Latest Tools & Technology
LCD equipped class room
Unlimited Lab facility
Faculty drawn from Industries
Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
Workshops on New Technologies

Target Auidence

Responsive Layout Developer

Next Technical Upgrade :

Chapter-1 HTML5 & Features (Click to View Detail…)

Introduction to HTML5
New features and browser support
Learn HTML5 tags, events, elements and attributes
New form input types, audio and video media tags
Geolocation API, storage API, drag & drop API

Chapter-2 CSS3 & Features (Click to View Detail…)

Introduction to CSS3
CSS3 basic syntax, Selectors
CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning
CSS3 modules, Selectors, box Model, text effects
2D/3D transformations, animations
Media Styles and Defining
User interface designing with Multiple Column Layout
Testing and Validating CSS3

Chapter-3 JavaScript Part-1 (Click to View Detail…)

JavaScript Basics
JavaScript Operators
Control Statements
Loops & Jump Statements

Chapter-4 JavaScript Part-2 (Click to View Detail…)

The String Object
The Math, Number and Boolean Objects
The Date Object
The Array Object
Function & Custom Objects
Global Function & Statements
Events Handling

Chapter-5 DOM (Document of Object Model) (Click to View Detail…)

JavaScript Essentials
Document Object Model Essentials
Generic HTML5 Element Objects
Location & History Objects
The Document & Body Objects
Image, Area, Map & Canvas Objects
Form, & Related Object
Button Objects
Event Objects
Style Sheet & Style Objects
Object Oriented JavaScript
Ajax & XML

Chapter-6 Introduction to jQuery (Click to View Detail…)

jQuery Fundamentals
Selecting the elements upon which to act
Bringing pages to life with jQuery
Events are where it happens
Energizing pages with animations & effects
Beyond the DOM with jQuery utility functions
Expand your reach by extending jQuery
Talk to the server with Ajax

Chapter-7 jQuery UI (Click to View Detail…)

Introducing jQuery UI : themes & effects
jQuery UI mouse interactions: Follow that mouse
jQuery UI widgets: Beyond HTML controls

Chapter-8 AngularJS (Click to View Detail…)

Introduction to AngularJS
MVC in AngularJS
Filters and Directives
Web Services
Routing etc.

Chapter-9 Responsive Layout Designing (Click to View Detail…)

HTML, CSS Fluid Layout
Responsive Layout For Multiple Devices
Responsive Grid System
Responsive Images and Utilities
Tips and Tricks For Device Compatibility

Chapter-10 Twitter Bootstrap Framework (Click to View Detail…)

Bootstrap Installation and Ovewview
Grid System For Responsive Designing
Bootstrap CSS and Components
Bootstrap Table, Forms, Panel, Icons
Bootstrap Layout Designing

Exercises and Projects in Responsive Web Designing Master Course (Click to View Detail…)

Although we discuss about all the real world and contemporary techniques and projects in the classes. Responsive Website
Form Validation
UI Development
Navigation Development
Games (static and XML)
AJAX based Applications
Slide shows (static and XML)
Image Galleries (static and XML)
Fancy Pop-up Windows
Custom Plug-ins
Custom Components
Theme Changer (with Cookie)
Stylish Forms
Tabbed Panels etc.

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What Student are saying

I would like to thank GN Infotech team for their excellent support during my industrial training. I would like to especially thank the Training Incharge for all my queries were answered properly,clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions.

Training program as well as course content is well structured to meet the requirement of Industry.

Catia 3d,PEC

The working environment at GNIT is very professional and I got a peek into the competitive world of IT.

Advance Android Development,PEC

I would recommend GNIT to anyone who is truly serious about learning .NET.

Microsoft ASP.NET, UPEC

Practical training modules focusing on problem solving helped me understand real life scenarios.

Networking,VIT University
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