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Oracle JAVA SE 8 Advance Level Application Development Training

This course is designed to bring you to industry expectations. After finishing advanced Java Training you will be able to work like a professional in any company. Moreover it will help you to crack any Java Interview. In this training you will get exposure to many APIs which are widely used in industry.
GN Infotech provides the best Advance Java Training in Khanna with above mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of Advance Java Training, the participant will exhibit the following skills:

Understanding the architecture of Two Tier & 3 Tier Applications
Implement Advance level of Desktop Applications
Implement Network Communication Applications
Implement Distributed Computing System Application(3-Tire Application)
Work on data encryption and decryption methods used in cryptography
Implement Data Security Techniques

Why Advance Java SE 8 Training at GN Infotech ?

Industry Compliant Syllabus
Multi-Platform Demonstration
Product Based Training
Real-Time Case Studies
Use of Latest Tools & Technology
LCD equipped class room
Unlimited Lab facility
Faculties drawn from Industries
Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
Workshops on New Technologies
SCJP Orientation Classes

Target Auidence

Software Developer
Swing Programmer
Technical Architect
Network Programmer
Business Component Developer

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Chapter-1 Advance Swing Programming(Click to View Detail…)

Java Swing component library architecture
Implement drag-n-drop and cut-copy-paste using the data-transfer model
Work with the 2D Graphics API
Advanced Swing UI Components
Layout Managers
JTable class
JColorChooser class
JProgressBar class
JSlider class
Displaying Image
Menus & Dialog Boxes
Pluggable-look-and-feel (PLAF)

Chapter-2 Advance Level of Collection Classess (Click to View Detail…)

Java Collections
Collection Framework
ArrayList class
LinkedList class
ArrayList vs LinkedList
ListIterator interface
HashSet class
LinkedHashSet class
TreeSet class
PriorityQueue class
Map interface
HashMap class
LinkedHashMap class
TreeMap class
Hashtable class
HashMap vs Hashtable
Comparable interface
Comparator interface
Comparable vs Comparator
Properties class

Chapter-3 JDBC Database Programming using JDBC (Click to View Detail…)

JDBC Introduction
JDBC Driver
DB Connectivity Steps
Connectivity with Oracle
Connectivity with MySQL
Access without DSN
Store image
Retrieve image
Store file
Retrieve file
Using Stored Procedure
Transaction Management
Batch Processing
RowSet Interface

Chapter-4 Networking Programming (Click to View Detail…)

Networking Basics
Client-Server Architecture
Networking Classes and Interfaces
URL class
URLConnection class
InetAddress class
Socket Overview(TCP & UDP)
ServerSocket & Socket Class
DatagramSocket & DatagramPacket Class
Developing Networking Applications in Java

Chapter-5 Mail API (Click to View Detail…)

Introduction to Email Technical Internals
Understanding of POP and SMTP framework
Complete understanding the email API
Simple Java program to send email
Make a Standalone Desktop Launchable/Installable App

Chapter-6 RMI (Remote Method Invocation) - Distributed Computing for Java (Click to View Detail…)

RMI overview
RMI architecture
RMI, CORBA, DCOM (for ActiveX and other Microsoft applications).
Example demonstrating RMI
Remote Database Access with RMI

Chapter-7 Java XML Parsers (Click to View Detail…)

Java XML Overview
Java XML Parsers
Java DOM Parser
Parse XML Document
Query XML Document
Create XML Document
Modify XML Document
Java SAX Parser
Java StAX Parser
Java XPath Parser
Chapter-9 Introduction to Java EE
Java EE Overview
Why Java EE?
Java EE Architecture
Java EE APIs
Java EE Containers

Realtime Project Training (Click to View Detail…)

Realtime Project 1 ( You will develop a project just the same way development happens in any company )
Realtime Project 2 ( You will get exposure to complete end to end development life cycle )

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What Student are saying

I would like to thank GN Infotech team for their excellent support during my industrial training. I would like to especially thank the Training Incharge for all my queries were answered properly,clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions.

Training program as well as course content is well structured to meet the requirement of Industry.

Catia 3d,PEC

The working environment at GNIT is very professional and I got a peek into the competitive world of IT.

Advance Android Development,PEC

I would recommend GNIT to anyone who is truly serious about learning .NET.

Microsoft ASP.NET, UPEC

Practical training modules focusing on problem solving helped me understand real life scenarios.

Networking,VIT University
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