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Advance 3ds Max Training

3ds Max 3D modeling software provides a comprehensive modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering solution for games, film, and motion graphics artists. 3ds Max delivers efficient new tools, accelerated performance, and streamlined workflows to help increase overall productivity for working with complex, high-resolution assets.
GN Infotech provides the best 3ds MAX Training in Khanna with above mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of 3ds MAX Training the participant will exhibit the following

Using 3ds MAX interface
Create Models
Manipulation objects & layers
Animations on objects and characters
Using rendering techniques
Using lighting effects
Operate controllers and constraints
Use Photometric lights and daylight systems

Why 3ds MAX Training at GN Infotech ?

Industry Compliant Syllabus
Multi-Platform Demonstration
Product Based Training
Real-Time Case Studies
Use of Latest Tools & Technology
LCD equipped class room
Unlimited Lab facility
Faculty drawn from Industries
Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
Workshops on New Technologies

Target Auidence

Graphics Designer
Interior Designer

Next Technical Upgrade :

Chapter-1 Introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max Design (Click to View Detail…)

Visualization Workflow
User Interface Elements
Mouse Buttons
Quad Menus
The Caddy Interface
Display of Objects in a Viewport
Viewport Navigation

Chapter-2 The 3ds Max Design Interface (Click to View Detail…)

Menus and Toolbars
Status Bar
The Command Panel
Setting the Project Folder and Configuring User Paths
Viewport Configuration and Navigation
Object Selection Methods

Chapter-3 Basic Functions (Click to View Detail…)

Modeling with Primitives
Applying Transforms
Reference Coordinate Systems and Transform Centers
Cloning and Grouping
Poly Modeling with Graphite Tools
Statistics in Viewport

Chapter-4 3ds Max Design Configuration (Click to View Detail…)

Video Modes
Configure Paths
Units Setup
Customizing the User Interface

Chapter-5 Assembling Project Files (Click to View Detail…)

Data Linking and Importing
DWG Link and Import Options
Importing Models from Revit
Layer and Object Properties

Chapter-6. 3 Modeling from 2D Objects (Click to View Detail…)

Drawing 2D Lines
The Lathe Modifier
2D Booleans
Terrain Objects
The Extrude Modifier
Boolean Operations
The Sweep Modifier (Optional)
Loft Objects
Using Snaps for Precision

Chapter-7 Materials (Click to View Detail…)

Introduction to Materials
How Materials Work
Understanding Maps and Materials
Materials and Material Libraries
Managing Materials

Chapter-8 Material Types and Parameters (Click to View Detail…)

Standard Materials
Architectural Materials (Optional)
Reflection Mapping
Mental ray Shaders and Materials
Arch & Design Materials
Other Material Types
Using the mental ray Multi/SubMap
Creating a Decal Texture

Chapter-9 Mapping Coordinates and Scale (Click to View Detail…)

Mapping Coordinates
Mapping Scale
Spline Mapping

Chapter-10 Design Lighting Overview (Click to View Detail…)

Local vs. Global Illumination
Choosing a Lighting Strategy

Chapter-11 Standard and Photometric Lighting (Click to View Detail…)

Fundamentals of Standard Lighting
Types of Standard Lights
Shadow Types
Photometric Light Objects
Exposure Control
Daylight Lighting
Soft Shadows and Ambient Occlusion

Chapter-12 Scene Preparation for mental ray (Click to View Detail…)

Fundamentals of mental ray

Chapter-13 Rendering with mental ray (Click to View Detail…)

Mental ray Interior Rendering
Controlling mental ray Quality
Mental ray Proxies

Chapter-14 Rendering (Click to View Detail…)

Iterative Rendering
Single vs. DoubleSided
Camera Parameters
Background Images
The Print Size Wizard
Selected Rendering Options
Rendering Presets

Chapter-15 Animation (Click to View Detail…)

Animation Controls
Walkthrough Animation
Animation Output

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What Student are saying

I would like to thank GN Infotech team for their excellent support during my industrial training. I would like to especially thank the Training Incharge for all my queries were answered properly,clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions.

Training program as well as course content is well structured to meet the requirement of Industry.

Catia 3d,PEC

The working environment at GNIT is very professional and I got a peek into the competitive world of IT.

Advance Android Development,PEC

I would recommend GNIT to anyone who is truly serious about learning .NET.

Microsoft ASP.NET, UPEC

Practical training modules focusing on problem solving helped me understand real life scenarios.

Networking,VIT University
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