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Advance Embedded System (ARM Training)

The ARM architecture is a widely used 32-bit RISC processor architecture. ARM, originally Acorn RISC Machine, later Advanced RISC Machine
The course curriculum broadly covers ARM7 architecture, instruction set, programming tools, and debugging techniques. Interfacing of IO device is also taught by keeping focus on different interfacing techniques.
GN Infotech provides the best ARM Microcontroller Training in Khanna with above mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of ARM Training the participant will exhibit the following

Understand ARM Architecture
Understand CISC and RISC processors
Advance Von Neumann and hardware systems, processor
Understand instruction set of ARM
Understand difference between microprocessor and micro controller
Work on ARM processor programming
C programming and serial communication

Why ARM Training at GN Infotech ?

Industry Compliant Syllabus
Multi-Platform Demonstration
Product Based Training
Real-Time Case Studies
Use of Latest Tools & Technology
LCD equipped class room
Unlimited Lab facility
Faculty drawn from Industries
Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
Workshops on New Technologies

Target Auidence

Senior Embedded Software Developer(ARM)

Next Technical Upgrade :

Part-1 Arm Microcontroller

1.Introduction to embedded systems and arm microcontroller Why ARM? 2. Different series of ARM microcontroller 3. Architectural features of ARM Microcontroller ( NXP LPC 2148 , lpc1768 and mbed arm ) 4. Programming in Embedded C and Different Types of Embedded C compilers for ARM.

Part-2 Hardware Interfacing

5. Hardware interfacing Of Following External and On chip device with LPC2148 and Programming in Embedded C language: 6. LED interfacing and programming (using GPIO as OUTPUT) 7. Switches interfacing and programming(using GPIO as INPUT)

Part-3 Programming Module

8. RELAY interfacing and programming(to control Switching of AC devices e.g. Bulb, Fan etc. ) 9. Stepper Motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control) 10. DC motor interfacing and programming(Speed and direction control) 11. RF Module interfacing and programming for wireless switching and data transmission 12. On chip hardware and software interrupt interfacing and programming 13. On chip Timer/ Counter interfacing and programming 14. On chip PWM module interfacing and programming 15. LCD Display interfacing, programming & Graphics generations. 16. Seven segment Display interfacing and programming 17. PS2 Keyboard interfacing and programming

Part-4 Practical implementation

18. Serial Communication b/w PC and LPC2148 using on chip UART. 19. On chip Multichannel ADC programming and Practical implementation. 20. USB interface b/w LPC2148 and PC. 21. On chip Real Time Clock programming and practical implementation. Project Work

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What Student are saying

I would like to thank GN Infotech team for their excellent support during my industrial training. I would like to especially thank the Training Incharge for all my queries were answered properly,clarify doubts, along with the mock test sessions.

Training program as well as course content is well structured to meet the requirement of Industry.

Catia 3d,PEC

The working environment at GNIT is very professional and I got a peek into the competitive world of IT.

Advance Android Development,PEC

I would recommend GNIT to anyone who is truly serious about learning .NET.

Microsoft ASP.NET, UPEC

Practical training modules focusing on problem solving helped me understand real life scenarios.

Networking,VIT University
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