CorelDRAW Training

CorelDRAW Training

CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. It is used for vector graphic editing and design. With CorelDraw, users can add special effects to images, alter their contrast and color and manage multipage documents. The software can help users develop anything from business cards to invitations.

GN Infotech provides the best CorelDraw Training in Khanna with below mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of training the participant will exhibit the following :

  • - Navigate the user interface & Toolbox
  • - Working on images
  • - Using tools, symbols, clipart, palettes Using Masking & Filters
  • - Use layers and special effects Using the selection tools to mark the edges of an object
  • - Effectively use brushes and layers
  • - Manipulate vectors, images and objects
  • - Create animated images
  • - Create a template


  • - Industry Compliant Syllabus
  • - Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • - Product Based Training
  • - Real-Time Case Studies
  • - Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • - LCD equipped class room
  • - Unlimited Lab facility
  • - Faculty drawn from Industries
  • - Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
  • - Workshops on New Technologies


  • - Graphics Designer

Getting started with Corel Draw
Introduction to Corel Draw
Features of Corel Draw
Corel Draw Interface
Common Tasks
Drawing and Coloring
Selecting Objects
Creating Basic Shapes
Reshaping Objects
Organising objects
Applying color fills and Outlines

Selecting an Object
Resizing an Object
Moving an Object
Changing the Shape
Combining Two Objects
SkewingWelding the Objects
Blending, Curve Lines, Straight Lines, Continuing a Line
View Mode, Rotating An Object, Grouping, Fill Tool Fly Out, Filling-Spray Mode

Selecting and Deselecting Objects
Moving Objects
Copying and Deleting Objects
Sizing Objects

Mirroring Objects
Rotating and Skewing Objects
Using Transform Docker

Editing Bitmaps
Applying effects on Bitmaps

About Layers
Editing Layers
Setting Up a Master Layer
Moving, Copying, and Locking Layers
Reordering Layers
Using the Object Manager

Internet Tool bar
Setting your webpage
Exporting files
Creating buttons with rollover effects

Text Tool
Artistic and paragraph text
Formatting Text
Embedding Objects into text
Wrapping Text around Object
Linking Text to Objects
Applying Effects
Power of Blends
Contour Effects
Lens effects
Creating Depth Effects
Power Clips

Drawing With the Artistic Media Tool
Shaping an Object with an Envelope
Extruding an Object
Blending Two Objects
Using the Lens Effect
Using Power Clips
Applying Drop Shadows
Using Interactive Fills
Applying Distortions
Using Interactive Transparencies
Applying Mesh Fills

Text Implementing Color Management
Creating Custom Color Palettes
Choosing a Color Using Color Harmonies
Applying Colors Using the Color Docker
Automatically Creating Color Styles
Importing and Sizing Paragraph Text
Flowing Text Between Frames
Wrapping Paragraph Text Around Objects
Applying Drop Caps
Typing Text Into Objects

Special Page Layouts
Exporting Drawings
Using Styles and Templates

Types of Graphic Formats
About Corel Trace
Tracing Images
Importing Traced Files into CorelDraw