MATLAB Industrial Training

MATLAB Industrial Training

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a fourth-generation high-level programming language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization and programming. Students will learn about matrix manipulation, plotting of command and images, create graphical user interface (GUI), provide external interface through serial port.

Typical uses include:
Math and computation
Algorithm development
Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
Data analysis, exploration, and visualization
Scientific and engineering graphics
Application development, including Graphical User Interface building

GN Infotech provides the best MATLAB Training in Khanna with below mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of training the participant will exhibit the following :

  • - Create programs of data structures including matrices, arrays and structures
  • - Create GUI script
  • - Create external interface to the serial port based on RS232 protocol
  • - Implement symbolic calculations & programs
  • - Managing MATLAB editor and debugger
  • - Designing and create 2D, 3D, and scientific data based plots


  • - Industry Compliant Syllabus
  • - Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • - Product Based Training
  • - Real-Time Case Studies
  • - Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • - LCD equipped class room
  • - Unlimited Lab facility
  • - Faculty drawn from Industries
  • - Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
  • - Workshops on New Technologies


Historical Background
Scope of MATLAB
Importance of MATLAB for Engineers
MATLAB Windows(Editor, Work Space, Command History, Command Window)
Operations with Variables
Naming and Checking Existence
Clearing Operations
Introduction to Arrays
MATLAB File Types

Matrix Operations & Operators
Reshaping Matrices
Importing Exporting Of Data
Data types
File Input-Output
Communication with External Devices

Writing Script Files
Writing Functions
Error Correction
M-Lint Automatic Code Analyzer
Saving Files

Flow Control
Conditional Statements
Error Handling
Work with Multidimensional Array
Cell Array & Characters
Developing User Defined Function
Scripts and Other Functions

Simple Graphics
Graphic Types
Plotting Functions
Creating Plot & Editing Plot(2D and 3D)
Graphics Handles
GUI(Graphical User Interface)

General Instructions
Creation of Linear Models
Classes of Control System Toolbox
Discussion on State Space Representation
Transfer Function
System Gain and Dynamics
Time & Frequency Domain Analysis
Classical Design, State Space Model
Transfer Function Representation, System Response
LTI Viewer Detail and Explanation About LTI Viewer
Designing of Compensator
Use of SISO Design & MIMO Design Tool

Model Based Design
Mathematical Modeling
Converting Mathematical Model into Simulink Model
Running Simulink Models
Importing Exporting Data
Solver Configuration
Masking Block/Model

Signal Sources
BER Tool
Special Filter

Basics of Signal Processing
Representing Signals
Analysis of different Signals
Complex Signals
Filter Designing
Using the Filter Designing GUIs
Analyzing the filter plots
Filter Designing using Script Files
Other Signal Processing Functions

Reading and Writing Image Data
Displaying and Exploring Image
Spatial Transformation
Image Registration
Designing and implementing 2D linear Filters for Image Data
Morphological Operations
Analyzing and Enhancing Images
ROI based Processing
Neighborhood and Block operations
Project Work