HTML5 Industrial Training


Web Designing training provides a comprehensive study on the tools and technologies required for the designing of impressive website. Participants will learn the effective use of CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, HTML5, Java Script, and jQuery.

GN Infotech provides the best HTML5 Training in Khanna with below mentioned course curriculum. GN Infotech labs are equipped with latest software so that students can get 100% practical training.

At the completion of training the participant will exhibit the following :

  • -Using CSS- structure text/lists, define link states, define layout, work on forms
  • -Using Photoshop and Dreamweaver- for image editing
  • -Using HTML - apply tags/elements/attributes/comments, implement formatting, provide linking, create frames/blocks, use colors/fonts/stylesheet/layout
  • -Using HTML5- work with text, forms, multimedia, data storage, and geolocation
  • -Using JavaScript - use arithmetic/logical operators, loop/control statements, functions/events, DOM
  • -Using jQuery - use DOM elements, jQuery utilities/events


  • - Industry Compliant Syllabus
  • - Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • - Product Based Training
  • - Real-Time Case Studies
  • - Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • - LCD equipped class room
  • - Unlimited Lab facility
  • - Faculty drawn from Industries
  • - Daily Handouts & Lab Exercise
  • - Workshops on New Technologies


  • - Website Developer
  • - Web Designer
  • - Students

Main structure
The head tag
Using new HTML structural elements
Styling HTML with CSS
When to use the new HTML structural elements

Structuring main content areas
Adding blog posts and comments
Working with HTML outlines
Understanding WAI-ARIA
Even more new structures!
Redefined elements
Global attributes
Features not covered in this book

New input types
New attributes
Putting all this together
Backwards compatibility with legacy browsers
Styling new form fields and error messages
Overriding browser defaults
Using JavaScript for DIY validation
Avoiding validation

Native multimedia: why, what, and how?
Codecs—the horror, the horror
Rolling custom controls
Multimedia accessibility

Canvas basics
Drawing paths
Using transformers: pixels in disguise
Capturing images
Pushing pixels
Animating your canvas paintings

Storage options
Web Storage
Web SQL Databases

Pulling the plug: going offline
The cache manifest
How to serve the manifest
The browser-server process
application Cache
Using the manifest to detect connectivity
Killing the cache

Getting into drag
Interoperability of dragged data
How to drag any element
Adding custom drag icons

Sticking a pin in your visitor
API methods