Angular JS Industrial Training

Angular JS

AngularJS, a powerful open-source JavaScript framework, is used for creating web- applications. Angular JS training under the mentorship of the industry experts will demonstrate how to build Single Page Application (SPA) projects. The participants will learn the effective ways of adding AngularJS to HTML attributes along with its fundamental concepts covering directives, filters, routers and more. The well-structured course content also encompasses the advanced topics including form validation, scope management, data binding, and much more. The learners will get hands-on exposure on implementing the concepts and making the applications more responsive to user actions.

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At the completion of training the participant will exhibit the following :

  • -Using CSS- structure text/lists, define link states, define layout, work on forms
  • -Using Photoshop and Dreamweaver- for image editing
  • -Using HTML - apply tags/elements/attributes/comments, implement formatting, provide linking, create frames/blocks, use colors/fonts/stylesheet/layout
  • -Using HTML5- work with text, forms, multimedia, data storage, and geolocation
  • -Using JavaScript - use arithmetic/logical operators, loop/control statements, functions/events, DOM
  • -Using jQuery - use DOM elements, jQuery utilities/events


  • -Understand the JavaScript MVC Framework
  • Describe Dependency Injection
  • Create applications using directives, filters, and routes
  • Handle sharing of data between the controllers by using two way binding
  • Create and use customized directives and filters
  • Work on the usage of angular-ui, ng-grid, and angular-translate
  • Elucidate AngularJS directory structure, Node.js, and CURD operation using them
  • Create Rest API's


  • - Website Developer
  • - Web Designer
  • - Students

Understanding of Internet and Web
Understanding Client-Server Architecture
Type of client application & It’s limitations

What is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
HTML Page Lifecycle
What is DOM
DOM Properties & Event
How browser see DOM
Experimenting with Different browser
Helping Browser to Makes things beautiful with CSS

Basics of JavaScript’s
What is Angular and its history.
Introduction to Angular and it’s ecosystem.
Relationship between JavaScript & Angular

Setting up machine for Angular
Introduction to popular IDE
Plugins for IDE.

Understanding TypeScript
Basic Types
Working with Variables
Working with Arrays
Working with Classes
Working with Objects
Working with Interfaces
Working with Constructors
Type Definitions
Compiling TypeScript

Creating Hello World Application
Anatomy of an AngularJS Applications

Creating a New Component
Using Custom Components
Component Templates

What is Databinding
String Interoperation
Property Binding
Event Binding
Two-way Data binding

Understanding Built-in Directives
Using ngif for conditional output
Using ngStyle
Applying CSS Dynamically using ngClass
Using ngFor

Introduction to Animations
Animations Setup
Understanding States & Transitions
Entering and Leaving from States
Animatable Units
Automatic property calculation
Understanding Animation Timing
Multistep Animation using Keyframes

Planning the App
Setting the App
Creating & Using Component
Creating Model
Implementing all the Angular learning to complete project

Understanding Angular Error
Debugging in Browser
Debugging Plugins

Splitting App into Components
Binding to Custom event
Alias to Custom Binding
Understanding of View & Templates
Getting access to View and DOM using @ViewChild
Understanding Component lifecycle
Implementing understanding in Live Project

ngFor & ngIF Recap
ngClass & ngStyle Recap
Creating Basic Attribute Directive
Renderer & it’s implementation
Binding to Directive Properties
Implementing understanding in Live Project

Why we need services
Creating logging Service
Injecting Service in Components
Creating Data Service
Heretical Structure
Service instance
Injecting Service into Service
Service for cross component communication

Setting up services for project
Service to get List
Using service for cross communication
Using service for “Push notification”

Why we need Route
Understanding the Route in live project.
Setting up and Loading Route.
Passing & retrieving query Parameters
Setting up routing in Project

Understanding observable
Building and using Simple observable
Improving project using observable

Template Driven or Reactive Approach
Template Driven
Creating & Submitting Form
Adding Built-in and HTML 5 Validation to Form for user input
Outputting the Error message
Creating Form in Code
Submitting the form
Getting Access to control
Using Error Code
Custom Async Validator
Implementing all understanding in Live Project

How HTTP works in SAP
Understanding GET, PUT and POST Command
Making GET request
Adjusting Request Header
Making PUT request
Making POST request
Using the return data
Catching HTTP Error

Understanding Authentication
Creating Sign-in Page
Signing in the User
Checking user Authentication
Adding Logout Button
Adding all these feature in Live Project

Wrapping up Project
Fixing all bugs and error in project